Civil Works & Stormwater Management Plans

The civil team at Waters Edge can also provide Civil design services away from the shoreline. Capable of designing and producing engineering drawings and using the MMCD format, our team is happy to help with your local land development project.

The principal at Waters Edge is experienced with innovative stormwater management and treatment options, including hydrodynamic oil/grit separators, drywells, infiltration basins, etc.

We can produce materials required in support of your:

  • Subdivision application
  • Rezoning application
  • Development permit
  • Building permit

Some of the Civil services we can help you with:

  • Stormwater management plans
  • Stormwater treatment options
  • Drainage channels
  • Culverts
  • Erosion & Sediment control plans
  • Onsite civil services plans
  • Grading plans
  • Construction drawings
  • As-built drawings for municipality records
  • Engineers cost estimates for bonding purposes or construction
  • Construction inspection
Machinery grading and compacting a parking lot

McCurdy Road Parking Lot, Kelowna

Proper grading and water management systems are crucial to even the smallest developments. Waters Edge provided all necessary engineering drawings for the redevelopment permits.

Drywell storm drain installation

Drywell installation, Kelowna

Disposal of stormwater can be a challenge when there is no storm sewer to connect to – that’s when we have to think outside the box and use systems like drywells.



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