Waters Edge Engineering Ltd. is a unique hydrotechnical and coastal engineering consulting company based in Kelowna, BC, Canada. We provide innovative engineering solutions at the interface where waves meet the shoreline - at the Waters Edge.

Working on the waterfront is a complex process with technical, operational and regulatory requirements. Waters Edge can assist in every stage of your project from the assessment and planning stage, through design, and construction inspection services. We are familiar with construction contract documents and standards and offer practical, buildable solutions to suit the client’s need.

Waters Edge brings quality, value and innovation to any waterfront project.

Project Examples include:

What Sets Us Apart

Our wave experts aren’t in Vancouver and we offer practical solutions that work.

We are the only firm operating in the Okanagan region tailored specifically to dealing with wave processes on lakes and shorelines, allowing us to have an intimate, and first-hand experience with the specific weather and geography of our valley.

This provides added value to our clients as we are readily available for site meetings, construction inspections, local Council meetings, or emergency repairs. In addition, our local experience has allowed us to build comprehensive knowledge of how the processes of winds, waves, and sediment transport affect area lakes, and understand the priorities of local governments and stakeholders.

We are proud to live where we work, right here in the Okanagan Valley.

We look forward to working with you on your next waterfront project!



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What we do.

  • Hydrotechnical – Coastal – Civil engineering & consulting.

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