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Wave action is a specialized area of study that most people and other professionals do not fully comprehend. Waters Edge brings this specialized service to the BC Interior, along with practical solutions for effective projects.

Wave action is responsible for most damages and sediment transport processes on lakes, from scour at seawalls to marinas with ineffective breakwaters. If you are planning to do any work on the lake, please contact a professional to assist you with understanding the impacts of your planned works. As locals, we hope you will call us!

Waters Edge Engineering brings quality, value, and innovation to any waterfront project.

Our Services:

As a small local firm, Waters Edge is versatile in teaming with other firms, big or small, to provide the specialized waterfront experience that a design or planning team may need. We often team locally with the many other disciplines needed for waterfront projects, such as:

  • Geomorphological
  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Landscape architects

Projects we can assist you with:

  • Waterfront parks
  • Marina development, siting and navigational requirements
  • Dock, pier or wharf for public or private use
  • Breakwater, groyne or other wave attenuation
  • Sediment transport assessments and prescriptions
  • Erosion and scour prevention
  • Beach retention
  • Bank protection, with many innovative options
  • Shoreline enhancement, including bio-engineering
  • Stormwater management plans
  • Grading plans
  • Erosion & sediment control plans


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What we do.

  • Hydrotechnical – Coastal – Civil engineering & consulting.

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