Creeks and Water Resources

Waters Edge can provide water resource services in a variety of settings. Water Resources is an increasingly integral aspect of civil engineering design. Developing around local watercourses is best done through a water resources lens. We are also capable of flood mitigation and emergency response on creeks and lakes. Please visit our Flood Planning and Emergency Response page to learn more!

We assist our clients with following tasks:

Flood Hazard Assessment

A flood hazard assessment is required when building near a watercourse. This assessment will confirm that the building footprint is outside the flood hazard area. Where applicable, a flood hazard assessment can be used to determine the maximum flood elevation a watercourse is likely to experience. This flood elevation is often used to determine foundation and floor elevations.

Stream gauging, measurement, and monitoring

Stream Gauging is the process of measuring a stream to determine its capacity with respect to flowrate and velocity. These findings can be used in a multitude of engineering designs including foundation design, erosion control, and culvert or stream crossing design.


As development occurs around creeks, preventative maintenance can be required to mitigate flooding and erosion impacts. Channel treatments could include rip rap armouring, channel realignment, plantings, and bio-engineering.



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