Stormwater Management

The civil team at Waters Edge can provide many design services away from the shoreline. Stormwater management has become an increasingly critical aspect of civil engineering design. Working in Canada almost always involves working in or around water, or managing stormwater runoff when it rains. Having a thorough understanding of natural water processes is imperative to the long-term success of a project.

As the environment around us changes, local property and infrastructure must be protected with proper stormwater management. The Waters Edge team is passionate about providing clients with innovative and efficient stormwater management and treatment options, including hydrodynamic oil/grit separators, drywells, infiltration basins, culvert design and stormwater management ponds.

Sandbar making docks unusable

Grading and Drainage Design – Kelowna, BC

Proper grading and storm water management systems are crucial to even the smallest developments. Having a properly graded site with an appropriate stormwater management system can decrease material costs while simultaneously decreasing risk of damage to property and infrastructure during storm events.

Drywell storm drain installation

Infiltration Systems – Kelowna, BC

Disposal of stormwater can be a challenge when there is no storm sewer to connect to – that’s when we must think outside the box and develop alternative solutions. Infiltration systems, such as dry wells, have the unique ability to accept and dispose of excess stormwater runoff while contributing to groundwater recharge, thereby maintaining the overall water cycle.

Drywell storm drain installation

Major Overland Flow Conveyance

Protecting property and infrastructure during high magnitude storm events is critical for any municipality. Risk is minimized by properly sizing and designing major overland flow routes to safely convey storm flows through sensitive areas. This includes culvert and channel sizing, erosion protection, and stormwater quantity control.



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