Marinas & Breakwater

The Waters Edge team is currently working with multiple marinas doing wind & wave studies, marina layout, breakwater analysis – floating and fixed) harbor tranquility, and reporting on marina design guidelines as requested by provincial regulators. We work with a great team of local dock builders and environmental professionals to get the job done.

Provincial regulators will require engineering analysis as part of the approval process for your breakwater or marina application. They may also ask for supplementary studies regarding the impacts of these structures on sediment transport, navigability or water circulation.

Breakwaters are a special type of challenge. You require wave attenuation for safety and to meet the harbor tranquility guidelines, but you are not permitted to change the existing wave and sediment processes at the site, or at your neighbour’s site. Let us help you with this.

Components of marina projects we can assist you with:

  • Siting the facility and orientation of slips
  • Wind & wave analysis
  • Marina layout & design
  • Breakwater performance
  • Harbour tranquility analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Project management and planning

Examples of breakwater projects

  • Floating breakwater analysis (generally for marina wave attenuation)
    • Options for type of breakwater most suitable
    • Wave transmission – waves inside the marina to meet guidelines
    • Wave reflection – navigational concerns at entry or at neighbour’s
    • Circulation – water quality
    • Sediment transport impacts
    • Mooring system
  • Fixed or Rubble mound breakwater or jetty design
  • Similar services to floating breakwater as well as:
    • Repair or add to damaged or inadequate rubble mound (riprap) breakwater or jetty
    • Design new rubble mound (riprap) breakwater or jetty
    • Options for type of breakwater most suitable

Kelowna Yacht Club breakwater

Kelowna, BC

Example of marina layout and breakwater design.

Riprap jetty with a pathway

Penticton, BC

Waters Edge provided design and construction services for the jetty extension. The jetty is an important part of the Okanagan Beach and Channel, and people now flock to the end of the jetty to sit on the large rocks and enjoy the view.

Riprap breakwater protecting a marina

Peachland, BC

Waters Edge designed the breakwater repair for the Pentowna Marina. The breakwater was damaged from wave action on flood waters in 2017 and was no longer protecting the marina from waves. Construction was field-fit under guidance of engineer to reduce overall costs.



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