Shoreline Planning & Erosion Protection

A common misconception is that shoreline protection against erosion is just riprap. At Waters Edge Engineering, we strive for creative and functional approaches whenever possible by combining protection and aesthetics. ; Shoreline protection can take the form of bioengineering, protecting natural and existing land anchors such as trees and vegetation, sand retention, or stabilization structures, etc. The list goes on!

Examples of some of the foreshore protection services we can help you with:

  • Innovative options for foreshore projects
  • Accessible shorelines, maintaining usability of the waterfront while providing aesthetic erosion protection
  • Bioengineered riprap with plantings, logs, and large woody debris (LWD)
  • Erosion protection and Scour protection in front of seawalls
  • Promotion of sand accretion and beach stabilization
  • Protection of existing trees and vegetation, and promote newly planted vegetation to establish a root system for long term shoreline stabilization
  • Matching a solution to the budget.
  • Detailed design and construction services
Riprap and trees along the Okanagan Rail Trail

Okanagan Rail Trail, District of Lake Country

Riprap placed around existing vegetation for a natural look and increased shoreline stability.

Anchored logs as erosion protection around a tree

Peachland, BC

Waters Edge anchored logs around a vulnerable tree, added soil and vegetation. This protects the tree and the shoreline, and encourages growth and a more natural shoreline.

Scour protection in front of a retaining wall

Penticton, BC

Scour protection stabilizes the wall foundation and also reduces loss of beach material due to reflected wave energy.

Anchored log accreting sand

Peachland, BC

Soft solution to stabilize beach materials while creating an inviting area for users. These logs are frequently used as a sitting bench for families.

Aesthetic riprap with planting

South East False Creek, Vancouver

Riprap with planting can be aesthetically pleasing and very effective!



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