Municipal Engineering

The team at Waters Edge can provide municipal design services away from the shoreline. Capable of designing and producing engineering drawings and using the MMCD format, our team is happy to help with your local development and municipal government infrastructure projects.

The waters edge team can provide consulting services to municipal clients including project management, engineering design, construction, and post construction services.

Our team also assists private clients through the development process with services tailored to each client. These services can be provided in support of a subdivision, rezoning, or development application, or building and development permits.

The following services can be delivered:

Project Management

Waters Edge efficiently manages projects to ensure delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner. With a focus on time and resource management, we excel in delighting our clients by meeting deadline and budget constraints.

Engineering Design

We produce quality engineering designs involving municipal infrastructure, erosion protection, and roadworks. We pride ourselves in drafting quality and accurate drawing sets.

Grading Plans

An efficiently graded site will reduce construction and material costs over the lifetime of a project. Balancing a site will reduce the volume of imported or exported material, thereby reducing cost.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Government construction standards are evolving to require Erosion and Sediment Control on any construction site. An adequately designed erosion and sediment control plan reduces risk over the lifetime of a project by mitigating additional cleanup costs and rework of drainage damaged areas, while protecting surrounding infrastructure. Waters Edge has staff certified by the Erosion and Sediment Control Association of British Columbia (ESCABC).

Servicing Plans

Waters Edge can provide analysis and design services for municipal infrastructure and residential development. We can provide sanitary and watermain infrastructure reports to determine upgrade requirements.

Cost Estimates, Construction Drawings, and Inspection

Cost estimates are also often required in the development process. We deliver accurate cost estimates to our clients for Performance Bonding.

Waters Edge can produce quality construction drawing sets for projects of all sizes, and we have an experienced construction inspection team able to inspect our construction sites professionally and efficiently.



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