Granite block shore protection at the Olympic Village in Vancouver

Shore protection with a twist. There’s more than just riprap and straight lines that we can do. Let us help you with being creative in your selection of bank protection. The Owner of Waters Edge designed the aesthetic shore protection treatment at the award-winning Olympic Village in downtown Vancouver and many other high-profile public locations.

Anchored log shore protection beside the S.S. Sicamous

Shore protection is about so much more than just protection. We strive to create usable and natural spaces as much as possible.

Anchored log shore protection with family sitting on log

We are proud to present options unique to the Okanagan. Options you may have seen before, and some you have not. Designs are tailored to fit the project needs.

Damaged pathway from the 2017 flood

Flood damage – waves on high water events cause scour on lakeshores. We can help you plan and protect effectively to minimize damages,or we can assist in the emergency response and recovery after it happens.

Aesthetic riprap with planting

Innovative design options ensure the shoreline is protected, and still accessible so , that we can still enjoy all that our beautiful lakes have to offer.

Vegetation and habitat enhancement features can be incorporated into bank designs. In time, they will look like a natural shoreline. This is called bio-engineering and can assist in attaining environmental approvals for the project.

Excavator installing riprap to protect a retaining wall

We truly enjoy being part of a creative planning and design team, especially with architects, planners, biologists, as well as city & ministry officials.

Kelowna Yacht Club breakwater

Marinas – harbor tranquility, breakwater performance and associated impacts have recently become more heavily regulated and now require engineering. Docks and piers, floating or piled, are an age-old favorite for the public.

Engineer inspection of riprap placement

Quality control on a project is important, especially during construction. Waters Edge offers construction inspection services throughout your project.

Construction of a stormwater outfall

Stormwater is a force to be reckoned with! We offer full design capabilities for your stormwater projects; These include: stormwater management plans, grading plans and erosion and sediment control plans. We have experience designing culverts, drainage infiltration or exfiltration systems, runoff water treatment, outfalls, and service tie-ins.

Two kids enjoying the beach

So why do we do it? Because we have a passion for enjoying the waterfront and sharing the joy of it.

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